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Nicholas Jose, PhD

As CEO / Founder, Nicholas drives AM's ambition to democratize next generation materials. He is passionate about agile thinking, organizational effectiveness and a strong safety mindset, with a track record of leading high-performing teams and scaling scientific inventions into practical applications. He brings 15 years of R&D experience in the materials science and chemical engineering industries, with degrees from the University of Cambridge and UC Berkeley.

Prof. Alexei Lapkin

As Founder / Chief Strategy Officer Alexei Lapkin directs AM's focus on sustainability, technology translation and artificial intelligence. With decades of experience in innovation, Alexei brings a rich and deep understanding of the chemical industry and process design. As Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering at the University of Cambridge, Alexei is also pioneering the nexus of chemical engineering and AI.

Mikhail Kovalev, PhD

As Founder / Director of Product Development, Mikhail pushes AM's technologies into the market. He is passionate about collaborating to bringing new products to life. As a serial inventor with over 25 patents in materials science and electronics, Mikhail is a bottomless source of innovation and insights.

Zara Cheema

As Cofounder / Director of Marketing, Zara Cheema forges AM's identity and market presence. By merging her creative mindset with market insights, Zara is leading AM to become a global name. Zara brings years of experience in technology and design with a masters in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge.

Kelvin Yeo

As Director of Business Development, Kelvin Yeo champions AM's global campaigns. With an ardent enthusiasm for customer success and strategic partnerships, Kelvin manages the rapid growth of AM's business. Kelvin is an entrepeneur at heart, and has experience across mechanical and aeronautical engineering, contract manufacturing, events planning and global trade.

Susithra Lakshmanan, PhD

As Chemical Engineer, Dr. Susithra Lakshmanan spearheads AM's scale-up efforts. With a strong safety and organizational mindset, Susithra is leading AM's next generation reactor technology development. Susithra contributes years of experience in developing pilot systems and customer implementation in the petrochemical industry.

Kylie Chua

As Business Development and Sales Executive, Kylie is energetically growing AM's customer base. Kylie reaches AM's customers with effiective and responsive sales and marketing strategies. She builds on extensive experience in B2B and B2C in technology, with a focus on business sustainability.

Yu Kailin

As Quality Control Analyst, Kailin ensures AM's delivery of steady, reliable and high quality products, implementing systems for AM's constant stream of innovation. She is a recent graduate from the National University of Singapore with Honours, contributing a diverse background in both pharmaceutical QC and materials chemistry.

Our History

New materials take decades, if not centuries, to manufacture.


Frustrated by the pace of development in the midst of a global pandemic, climate change and unsustainable practices, Nicholas Jose, Alexei Lapkin and Mikhail Kovalev devised a new methodology to revolutionize the materials industry.


In 2020, the team established Accelerated Materials with the shared vision of bringing sustainable, next generation nanomaterials to reality.


As a spinout from the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES), AM is  commercializing 8 years of innovations.


With facilities in both the United Kingdom and Singapore, the company’s unique international flavor has resulted in an open culture that attracts global talent and global customers.


By combining cutting-edge technologies with real-world applications for sustainable development, Accelerated Materials is making a lasting impact on the future of materials.

About AMPLE (Accelerated Manufacturing Platform for Engineered Nanomaterials)

In collaboration with Cambridge CARES and NTUitive, AM is scaling up nanomaterial manufacturing to the 100 kilogram per day scale.


This effort is funded by the National Research Foundation’s Central Gap Fund in the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise.

Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of your innovations and shape a brighter future together.

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