Advanced Reaction Systems

The K1

The K1 is a unique, patented reaction system that operates on the principle of high, precision shear rate control. By precisely controlling shear rates at magnitudes as high as 1,000,000 inverse seconds, the annular flow reactor enables precise manipulation of nanoparticle formation dynamics and mixing. This results in precision synthesis of targeted particle size, crystallinity, morphology and other critical characteristics of nanomaterials.


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The K1 has record-setting efficiencies for nanoparticle synthesis. With max space-time-yields of up to 100 kg/m^3/day, it is up to 10,000 times more efficient than conventional batch and microfluidic reactors.


The K1 can achieve characteristic micromixing times of less than 1 ms. This fast mixing ensures that reactions with fast kinetics and competitive side-reactions can be conducted uniformly.


Using high shear, rather than high temperatures, pressures, solvents and surfactants, can dramatically improve the safety of a synthesis. The K1 enables scientists and engineers to scale safely and reliably without fearing the explosion risks of conventional hydrothermal reactors. Unlike other flow reactors, the K1 is also clog resistant, reducing the danger of sudden pressure build-up.


Automation and Machine Learning


AMLearn is an operating system for advanced equipment control, automation and machine learning integration. AMLearn contains apps for the K1 and 3rd party equipment, as well as our proprietary machine learning methods for data analysis and optimisation.


These capabilities significantly reduce the time, expense and error of manual experimentation.


AMLearn will be launched in 2024 Q3 alongside the K1. For additional information on joining our beta programme, please contact us.



Commercial licensing available


ZArmour is our brand of nanoparticle ZnO products with tailored morphological and particle size profiles.


ZArmour is a safe and efficient drop-in solution that imbues products with powerful UV-blocking, self-purifying and antimicrobial properties.


ZArmour’s proprietary manufacturing process is economical, space-efficient and safer. Contact us to find out how you can use or make ZArmour today.


Experience ZArmour's cutting-edge features:


Mix in ZArmour with your cosmetic formulations for a high UV protective additive that shields the skin from harmful radiation, crucial for maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin. Our ZnO formulation ensures non-toxicity and is carefully engineered to effectively block and shield against damaging UV rays.


Combine with your liquid-based coatings for a low toxicity protective additive that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing long-lasting protection and maintaining the integrity of painted surfaces, with applications ranging from hospital walls to building exterior.

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