a comprehensive additive for protection

ZArmour is a safe and efficient drop-in solution that imbues products with powerful UV-blocking, self-purifying and antimicrobial properties.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process involves a continuous, low-energy approach, resulting in a sustainable solution.

Experience unmatched efficiency and productivity in your synthesis endeavours with ZArmour's cutting-edge features:

Utilising advanced technologies

Batch to continuous conversion

Embrace streamlined manufacturing processes as we seamlessly transition from batch to continuous synthesis, optimising your productivity and reducing downtime.

Machine-learning aided synthesis optimisation

Harness the power of machine learning algorithms to fine-tune and optimise the synthesis process, achieving superior efficiency and precise control over antimicrobial properties.

Microreactor design

Our advanced Microreactor design ensures precise and controlled reactions, enabling consistent and high-quality results throughout the manufacturing process.

With ZArmour, you can confidently protect your products and surfaces while maximising time and space efficiency.

Join the antimicrobial revolution today and unlock a new realm of safety and performance with ZArmour.


Mix in ZArmour with your cosmetic formulations for a high UV protective additive that shields the skin from harmful radiation, crucial for maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin. Our ZnO formulation ensures non-toxicity and is carefully engineered to effectively block and shield against damaging UV rays.


Combine with your liquid-based coatings for a low toxicity protective additive that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing long-lasting protection and maintaining the integrity of painted surfaces, with applications ranging from hospital walls to building exterior.

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